Student Leadership

久久精品 is committed to providing opportunities to grow tomorrow鈥檚 leaders today.  As such, an emphasis on developing the values and skills needed to actively lead and make a positive contribution to the community is integrated into all aspects of school life. 

Together with building leadership skills appropriate to their age, students are given opportunities and encouraged to share their gifts, challenge unjust structures and practice servant leadership in a variety of ways, both formal and informal.

Leadership within our own community is a strength of the College. Our students relish the opportunity to influence change, take on responsibility, be part of the decision-making process and have input into the future direction of the College. Student voice and participation are integral to student leadership at the College, with students having the opportunity to actively shape their own education through engaging, participating, leading and learning. 

Co-Captains Leaders from Year 12 who support the College student community in a manner that reflects our commitment to our Brigidine traditions
Community Action LeadersLeaders from each year level who are committed to strengthening a sense of belonging and connection to the College community. 
Health and Wellbeing LeadersLeaders from each year level work collaboratively to help promote wellbeing in all areas of students鈥 lives
Homeroom CaptainsEach Homeroom elects a class member to represent them as their Homeroom captain.
House LeadersMembers of a Senior School student leaders group, representing each House
久久精品 Dance Company (KDC) LeadersLeaders oversee the development of the KDC.  They support young students of all abilities to become involved in dance.
Learning Area LeadersMembers of the Senior School student leaders group who oversee student led activities and initiatives that promote their learning area.
Living Justice LeadersLeaders from each year level who work collaboratively to discuss and address issues of faith and social justice.
Peer Support LeadersYear 10 and Year 11 Leaders who support the incoming Year 7 students鈥 transition from primary school to the College. 
Student Representative Council MembersEach year level has peer elected representatives who meet regularly to discuss issues and work with the school on matters of interest to students.
Sustainability LeadersLeaders from each year level who work as members of the sustainability group to lead and inspire the 久久精品 community to learn more about sustainability.
Student AmbassadorsStudents from Years 8 to 11 represent the diversity of 久久精品 and serve as a liaison, spokesperson, school leader, and advocate for 久久精品.